Danish studio Sybo is on a mission to expand its Subway Surfers franchise. The company recently released a new game under the Subway Surfers brand. The new game is called Subway Surfers Blast, which is a clone of Toon Blast.

The project was developed in partnership with UK game developer Outplay Entertainment, which often creates clones of popular titles under various brands. For example, the company was responsible for developing Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast and Angry Birds POP.

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast and Angry Birds POP

Considering that Outplay is a studio of artisans that is not exactly known for any big successes (with a monthly revenue from in-app purchases of less than $300,000), it’s not quite clear why Sybo chose to partner with them.

Outplay — monthly revenue and downloads — via AppMagic

The key issue for Sybo is a lack of expertise in monetization and replicating success.

Subway Surfers was released 11 years ago, but the game still consistently tops the charts of most downloaded mobile games month after month. Its total downloads in March 2023 reached 4 billion, while its monthly revenue from in-app purchases is less than $500,000.

Subway Surfers — monthly revenue and downloads — via AppMagic

Furthermore, Sybo has not been able to create another hit after Subway Surfers, let alone a title that can match its success even partially. In other words, the Danish studio definitely needed a strong partner. Whether Outplay Entertainment, which is primarily known for its old TD titles (Alien Creeps and Castle Creeps), can be that partner remains to be seen.

Regardless, this is Sybo’s already third attempt to strengthen the Subway Surfers franchise with titles in other genres. Previously, the company released Subway Surfers Tag, an isometric arena shooter that is exclusive to Apple Arcade, and Subway Surfers Match, a clone of Toy Blast that was released worldwide in November 2022.

Subway Surfers Tag

Subway Surfers Match

Despite the global release of Subway Surfers Blast and Subway Surfers Match, it is suspected that neither project has been fully marketed yet, especially in terms of user acquisition. Subway Surfers Blast has less than 300,000 downloads, while Subway Surfers Match has slightly over a million.

Subway Surfers Match and Subway Surfers Blast — monthly downloads — via AppMagic

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