Landfall is no stranger to April Fool’s jokes. But this year, the indie studio, known for its smash hit Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, has gone a step further and released a collection of playable prototypes it has worked on over the years.

Landfall releases 23 free game prototypes in different genres

Anything for my pals, one of the prototypes included in Landfall Archives

Landfall Archives is available on Steam for free. The project is described as a “collection of every project Landfall and friends have worked on since 2016 that didn’t make it to the shelves but which all deserve to see the light of day.”

In addition to the old version of TABS (buggy, but still interesting for fans to try out), it has a lot of fun stuff in genres varying from Survival and Fighting to Deckbuilder and PvP Shooter.

At the moment of writing, Landfall Archives has a 97% rating on Steam based on 400 user reviews. It is hard to say whether some of these concepts will ever make it into a full game, but it is still a really great way for a game studio to give its fans a glimpse of what usually remains behind the scenes.

What prototypes are included in Landfall Archives?

  • RTS card game (2021) — a prototype that combines real-time strategy gameplay with deckbuilding mechanics;
  • Robots Forever 1-2 (2018-2019) — a game about fighting modular robots, each part of which has its own health bar;

Robots Forever by Landfall Games

  • Physics Fighter (2021) — a fighting game where the player has to fight enemies using their fist, legs, and a knife;
  • Post Game (2019) — a factory management project where the player should build conveyor builds to move packages into containers;

Post Game by Landfall Games

  • Counts and Stakes (2020) — a PvP top-down shooter about vampires fighting their hunters;
  • Airships 1-2 (2018) — an airship builder where players craft modular flying vehicles and explore the landscape.

Airships by Landfall Games


Landfall Games is a Sweden-based indie studio founded in 2015, has developed a handful of titles such as Stick Fight, Air Brawl, and Knightfall, but rose to worldwide fame with the release of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. The battle simulation game, which became especially popular among streamers due to its fun ragdoll physics, currently has a 98% rating on Steam based on almost 100k reviews.

The team is now working on its new project, HASTE, an interesting spin on the running genre. It currently available in the closed alpha.

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