Today is a good day for indie devs. During the second day of WN Tel Aviv`22 winners of the WN Dev Contest were revealed. Let’s take a look at projects that gain traction.

But first a few words about the contest itself. So, it is a regular part of the WN Conference. This time, over 100 teams were competing for a $100 000 prize pool.

There were three nominations. The first one is the Grand Prix, and the other two — are the choices of sponsors (Xsolla and The Game Fund). Below, we are going to share the gameplay footage of the winners and semi-finalists in each nominee.

The Grand Prix

The winner was chosen by the jury, who gave each game from one to three points.

  • The winner — Come Unite! (Jimjum Studios)

  • Semi-finalists #1 — Lost In Play (Happy Juice Games)

Semi-finalists #2 — Spiritfall (Gentle Giant Games)

As a prize, each team will receive three premium tickets for any future WN Conference. Regarding the winner, it will also get a mini booth at any WN event of its choice.

The Xsolla Choice

Video game commerce company Xsolla was the main sponsor of the contest. Its team heart was stolen by a rogue.

The winner — Grim Road (Muki Software)

Semi-finalists #1 — Into the Maze (Indistinct Chatter)

Semi-finalists #2 — Phantom beasts (Ready Steady Games)

Being the winner, Grim Road`s team is going to raise $5000. Also, Muki Software can expect co-investment from Xsolla. Semi-finalists will get a grant up to $1000 that covers the use of the Xsolla ecosystem.

The Game Fund Choice

The early-stage VC fund was impressed by the shared progress of the game that is devoted to the paleontology sphere.

The winner — D.I.N.O. (Eudokia Games)

Semi-finalists #1 — Transport Tycoon Empire (Friday’s Games)

Semi-finalists #2 — Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms (Gamera Interactive)


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