New Blood CEO Dave Oshry recently shared wishlist numbers for the team’s upcoming game Gloomwood, which performed great during the latest Steam demo fest. Here is what others can learn from this data.

Oshry tweeted the graph of the recent wishlist spike for Gloomwood, a gothic stealth FPS from the makers of DUSK. The game has generated 32,126 wishlists in the last two weeks, bringing the total number to 156,136.

It helped Gloomwood become the 90th most wishlisted title on Steam (currently ranked 89th), all thanks to its performance during the PC Gaming Show (7,000 one-day wishlists) and the Steam Next Fest.

Simon Carless paid attention to data provided by Oshry in his latest GameDiscoverCo newsletter. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Gloomwood now has 13,631 followers on Steam (this data can be found in the Steam Community Groups search), which brings its “followers to wishlists” ratio to 11.4;
  • This is close to the median ratio that GameDiscoverCo found out during its survey among developers. So you can use the “followers x 10 = wishlists” formula to roughly count a game’s wishlists and compare the number to other unreleased titles on Steam;
  • Based on this ratio, the top two upcoming Steam games may have over 2 million wishlists, while the top 12 titles may reach over 1 million;
  • The top 30 games, which account for 0.4% of all unreleased games on Steam, may have over 500k wishlists, with this number gradually going down;
  • Titles in the top 175 (including Gloomwood) may have over 100k wishlists, with the top 1200 titles (14% of all unreleased games on Steam) may reach over 10k wishlists;
  • Carless also noted that around 800-1000 unreleased games launch on Steam every month, but most of them are small titles with almost no wishlists. For example, only 5% of all games released in May had over 10 wishlists at launch.

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