Publisher tinyBuild has introduced a new experimental system, offering unlimited days off for its employees at several departments. The company will later share the results of this initiative.

tinyBuild founder and CEO Alex Nichiporchik made an announcement on May 27, saying that this experiment will apply to the publishing unit and two first-party studios.

Employees at these departments will be able to take unlimited vacation days until the end of 2022. “People shouldn’t worry about how many paid days off they have left in a year. Life need[s] living,” Nichiporchik said.

The publisher already has two mandatory weeks off a year. One starting right before New Year and the one during the Steam Summer Sale. As explained by Nichiporchik, “you can’t just start working when none of your colleagues are online.”

Founded in 2011, tinyBuild is known for publishing games like Hello Neighbor, SpeedRunners, and Graveyard Keeper. It went public last year and now employs over 400 people. The company operates 10 studios, including Bad Pixel, Hologryph, and publisher Versus Evil.

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