Supercell has invested $60 million in Trailmix. The company behind Crash Royale now owns a majority stake in the mobile developer based in London.

According to Pocket Gamer, the investment consists of debt financing and an equity round.

Trailmix, which launched its debut game Love & Pies last September, will continue to operate independently. This is in line with Supercell’s strategy applied to other studios it has backed over the last few years.

“There is so much knowledge exchange between Supercell and its investee companies – they have built such an incredible portfolio of companies and we’re looking forward to continue working very closely with all of them,” Trailmix co-founder and CEO said in a statement.

Supercell initially invested $4.2 million in Trailmix in 2018. The London studio will remain focused on Love & Pies, with this merge game now having a D120 retention above 10%.

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