Chinese tech giant NetEase has announced the establishment of Jackalope Games, its first US-based studio. Games industry veteran Jack Emmert will lead the new team.

Jackalope Games, which is based in Austin, Texas, will be focused on making “new and exciting PC and console games.” NetEase, however, hasn’t made any specific announcements about future titles or their genres.

Jack Emmert, who previously led Cryptic Studios and Daybreak Game Company, will become the head of NetEase’s new first-party team. His portfolio includes games like City of Heroes, Star Trek Online, and DC Universe Online. So he might stick to the MMORPG genre at Jackalope Games, as well.

“We share the same passion — to create engaging online universes for gamers worldwide,” Emmert said in a statement. “NetEase Games is providing the support and resources needed to build a great studio and great games.”

Despite being NetEase’s division, Jackalope Games will operate independently and maintain creative autonomy in terms of game development and publishing. The Chinese company, on its side, will fully fund the studio’s debut title.

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