Roblox has joined a number of game companies to introduce a hybrid working model. It will offer flexible options for all employees, both for those who want to return to the office and those who prefer to work remotely.

Roblox is now encouraging people to come back to the office because there are certain creative things that can be properly done only when working together in person, the company said in a blog post.

However, it offers all employees three options based on how they prefer to work:

  • People can visit the office on a daily basis, from Monday to Friday;
  • Staff can work from the office three days a week (Tuesday to Thursday) and spend the rest of the week wherever they work best;
  • Employees can work primarily from home, having to visit the office quarterly for “in-person collaboration weeks” (Roblox will pay for their travel and provide them with a hoteling desk).

“We will also continue to offer the ability for all employees to work anywhere they legally can for up to two months per year,” Roblox said in a statement. “This is a unique offering that many employees have taken advantage of in the past year.”

The company noted that it wants to offer employees flexibility to “gain more control over their work and personal lives.”

A handful of game companies have adopted remote or hybrid working models over the last year. The list includes Crytek, BioWare, Bossa Studios, Bungie, and Dontnod.

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