OtherSide Entertainment has confirmed that it has a new Warren Spector game in development. The System Shock creator is now working on an immersive sim based on a new IP.

There is not much detail about the project right now. The untitled game is in early development, with OtherSide Entertainment planning to share more information soon.

“It feels great to be working with a talented team on a new title and new IP,” Spector said. “Fans of my work already know what to expect: an immersive world and engaging narrative that players will directly impact through their choices and playstyles.”

OtherSide Entertainment is an independent studio founded by Warren Spector and Blue Sky Productions founder Paul Neurath. They are known for contributing to classic games like System Shock, Ultima Underworld, Thief, and Deus Ex.

OtherSide released Underworld Ascendant in 2019 and is now also working on System Shock 3.

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