With Star Citizen approaching $440 million in crowdfunding, Cloud Imperium Games has provided a new update on what this whopping sum of money is going to. One of the latest features is an improved system of eyeball wetness.

The studio discussed new features in the latest developer update (spotted by Eurogamer). The developers improved the in-game characters’ appearance, saying that a new wetness system will “create a better blending between the eyeball and the head, and the eyelids nearby it, giving the eye light a more realistic reflection.”

CIG also added some new features to its character creator, which might be implemented in the upcoming Alpha 3.17.

On top of that, the studio introduced a new system to let NPCs navigate across different surfaces more naturally. However, this feature doesn’t have a release date, nor does the entire game. Although the devs continue to share updates, more than 3.5 million backers still have no clue about when Star Citizen, including its Squadron 42 campaign, is expected to come out.

Earlier this month, CIG made a few changes to its roadmap, limiting the number of upcoming features seen to the public eye as “passionate players” usually interpret “anything on the Release View as a promise.”

In November 2021, Star Citizen reached $400 million in crowdfunding since CIG launched the campaign in 2012. The game currently sits at $439.2 million received from those “passionate players.”

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