Steam has reached the biggest number of new games released on its platform in a single month, according to Video Game Insights. In October, developers launched 1229 new titles on the store.

As Video Game Insights reported on Twitter, this number is up 64% compared to 747 new games released in October 2019.

While some people think that most titles on Steam are shovelware, this sentiment is clearly biased and inaccurate. Taking the data for October 2019, 271 out of 747 new games received at least 50 reviews, which means that at least a third of them has had some level of success.

“Presumably the ratios today are fairly similar — too early to say,” Video Game Insights wrote.

Indie developer Billy of the Sea noted that a lot of indie developers consider games their hobby and use Steam as a platform to test their ideas: “Calling it shovelware is a bit mean though, we are not competing with the top 30% but we are still putting significant time and effort into it.

According to Statista, Steam set a record for DAU earlier this year, peaking at 26.85 million concurrent users in May 2021. In 2020, the store’s MAU surpassed 120 million people, and there is a good chance it will be able to beat the record soon.

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