Raw Fury and Dj2 Entertainment have announced their partnership. The production company will bring some of the publisher’s video games to film and television.


Dj2 will create TV and film adaptations of three Raw Fury games — Sable, Night Call, and Mosaic.

“[Dj2 Entertainment’s] creativity and ability to take the core of each game and transform it into new art forms fit the Raw Fury vision and we are excited to work together and see what we will create,” Raw Fury CEO Jónas Antonsson said.

Dj2 Entertainment specializes in video game adaptations. The company, best known for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, is now working on TV series based on Disco Elysium, Tomb Raider, and Life is Strange. The company also owns rights for adaptations of Vampyr, Little Nightmares, and Ruiner.

Raw Fury is an indie publisher known for games like Call of the Sea, The Signifier, Norco, and Dandara. In August, Altor acquired a majority stake in the company to help it publish more innovative indie titles.

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