MY.GAMES Venture Capital, the investment arm of MY.GAMES, has invested in three studios: VOX, Tworogue Games, and Wideview Games. The total investments in the three studios amounted to around $3 million. In all three deals, MGVC acquired minority stakes in the studios with options to purchase control later.

According to Executive Producer at MGVC Nikita Matsokin, the company is now specifically interested in genres previously absent from the MY.GAMES portfolio. “One of our development goals is to diversify the gaming portfolio to the fullest with the possibility of further integrating the partner studios’ products into the group’s single ecosystem,” Matsokin said.

About the studios

  • Tworogue Games was founded in Moscow, Russia, and currently has 17 employees. The core team was formed back in 2016 and has been working together for five years. The studio is developing a mid-core mobile free-to-play hero collector RPG. The game is planned for release in 2022.
  • WideView Games studio was founded in 2016 in Minsk. Its team of 20 professionals is currently developing two mobile casual F2P games scheduled for next year’s release. WideView’s Tamadog project was named Apple’s Game of the Year in the category Tech & Innovation — AR: Russia.
  • VOX studio was founded in 2020 in Moscow. The team of 16 is working on the VOX app for voice dating. Recognizing the level of immersion and interactivity offered by voice communication, MGVC invested in VOX to explore a possible future synergy of the group’s entire product portfolio.

The total money invested since MGVC was founded in 2017 has now exceeded $20 million. MGVC’s portfolio now includes more than 40 studios.

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