China’s government continues its crusade against gaming addiction. Following the latest regulations, the authorities launched a special website urging gamers to report companies that violate state rules for playtime limits.

The website was created by the National Press and Publication Administration (NAPP), South China Morning Post reported. It allows anyone with a Chinese ID and a phone number to report a game company.

All irregularities are divided into three types:

  • An online game didn’t fully implement real-name registration requirements;
  • An online game didn’t implement time limits of three play hours a week for users under 18;
  • An online game didn’t prevent minors from spending too much money on it.

This website was launched a few weeks after China implemented new playtime limits, allowing minors to play only between 8 pm and 9 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The new regulations also prevent kids aged 8-16 from spending over ¥200 ($31) on a game. Those teens who are 16-18 years old can spend up to ¥400 ($62).

On top of that, the list of the latest regulations includes the slowdown of the games approval process. It reportedly affected NetEase’s decision to downsize its game studios.

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