Tel Aviv company Odeeo has raised $1 million to develop new audio ads for mobile titles. Using this tool, advertisers will be able to deliver people personal audio messages that don’t interrupt gameplay.

According to VentureBeat, a funding round was led by Play Ventures with participation from investors like Eric Seufert and Michail Katkoff.

Odeeo wanted to connect mobile games with the audio advertising industry, which is worth $30 billion.

The company’s CEO Amit Monheit thinks that it just gives developers a new monetization tool: “The kind of ad is standard audio, which is equivalent to an interstitial ad (one that plays during a kind of intermission). It could be a welcome message. The other is a user opt-in ad, where a player who fails a level can immediately restart that level while listening to an ad.”

Audio ads can play as a game starts, so users won’t see any delay or things that can affect their experience. More than 100 games have already integrated Odeeo’s SDK, with 200 more titles to follow.

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