Everdale, co-op builder set in a fantasy world and developed by Supercell, has just been released in soft launch. If the game survives until the global release, it will become the first new IP from the Finnish company since 2017.

The game’s open beta became available on iOS and Android in Canada, UK, Australia, Nordics, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Supercell had to reach a wider audience as a closed beta only for a few regions wouldn’t have worked for a game that so heavily relies on social functions.

Unlike Supercell’s other titles, Everdale isn’t built around competition. “There are no wars or looting, just good vibes and friendly collaboration,” the studio says.

The game starts with a player managing its own village. At its core, Everdale is built around gathering resources, researching new technologies, building, upgrading, trading, and opening new skills for villagers.

In contrast to other city-building simulation games, Supercell’s new title offers a special hub for players called valley. It lets users form teams of up to 10 players to manage their villages together and share all the progress with each other.

Supercell also notes that in-game events will play a huge role in Everdale, as it is one of the main trends in the mobile games industry now. Some of them will impact the valley globally, while others will offer new stories. The Finnish company plans to regularly update the game, adding new content for players.

Everdale looks like a pretty unique title for Supercell. However, the game might not survive the soft launch, if it doesn’t meet the studio’s expectations. The developers are now pretty optimistic about it, but they have “killed” seven titles during the last several years, including puzzler Hay Day Pop.

Supercell is now also working on three other games in the Clash universe. They were first announced in April, but the release dates are yet to be revealed.

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