In 2021, the video games industry has seen 635 deals announced and/or closed that are worth a combined $60 billion.

The estimate came from investment bank Drake Star Partners, which also pointed out that the $60 billion reached during the first half of 2021 is nearly twice as much as the amount invested in all of 2020 ($33.6 billion).

  • M&A deals saw investors spend a total of $23 billion during H1 2021;
  • Public financing deals reached $16.4 billion;
  • IPOs were worth a total of $11.2 billion.

Zooming in on the M&A deals by platform, the PC/console segment took the lead with 51 M&As, followed by 44 in mobile. Esports accounted for 38 M&As.

The biggest deal closed in the first half of 2021 was, of course, the Zenimax acquisition by Microsoft for $7.5 billion.

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