WN Eastern Europe kicks off July 1. The hybrid conference will include over 3,500 attendees, representing companies like Activision Blizzard, Raw Fury, Unity, Crazy Panda, Belka Games, and Adjust. The organizers have announced the official program both for the online and offline parts of the event.

The online-only part will be held on July 1-3. The in-person segment will take place in St. Petersburg on July 9-10. All lectures will be available on the WN Hub for all attendees, including the Basic free pass holders.

Here are some of the talks you will hear at the event. Click on the links for each segment to see the full program.

WN Eastern Europe

July 1

  • Inception of Fury Studios. Tomislav Gojević, head of studio at Raw Fury, will tell you how the publisher founded its own development studio in Croatia.
  • Fireside Chat: A Story of Dystopia — Contest of Heroes. Beetroot Lab co-founder Davis Ziedins and Unity Technologies senior growth marketing manager Nikita Zatsepin will discuss how Beetroot Lab decided to put Conor McGregor into sci-fi cyberpunk dystopia, obstacles during development and what to avoid, how the release went, and, surely, useful tips for developers.

July 2

  • Difference between Mobile and PC Game Development. Leonid Rastorguev, game director at Allods Team Arcade (MY.GAMES), will talk about channeling the insights accumulated by mobile development into a PC game, and what the required team size and specifics of the development cycle are in both cases.
  • Statistics, trends & advertising strategies for Mobile Game Industry. SocialPeta CIS BD manager Sergey Zhukovskiy will provide insights about the mobile game industry by analyzing the market performance, ad creatives, and ad cost.

July 3

  • When Even Junior Matters: Team Decisions in the Process of Making a Hit. Belka Games game designer Ekaterina Shtirts will share her personal experience of growing from junior to full-fledged game designer. She will also cover aspects like self-education, first job offer, and working on a big project in a team.
  • Panel Discussion: What are Investors Looking for? Speakers from Play Ventures, Makers Fund, and Gamesboost42 LTD will discuss what investors in different stages (VC, growth, M&A) are on the lookout for in the market. They will also share their thoughts on trends and what opportunities developers are pursuing currently.

WN St.Petersburg’21

July 9

  • LiveOps 101: Lessons Learned Over the 7 Years of War Robots Operations. Pixonic head of product monetization Elena Lantsova will overview what LiveOps is, how we utilize it, how the players see it, and how to make the operation process smooth and effective.
  • Analysis of the Russian Gaming Industry. David Olubowale, head of the gaming business unit at myTarget and VK, will share the results of the research on the Russian gaming industry. He will also highlight opportunities this country provides for clients interested in growing their business globally.

July 10

  • The Limited Time Events, Their Implementation and How They Work in Game Economics. AppQuantum publishing producer Elena Bugakova will share 10 general practices of successful events, their impact on game metrics, what to expect, and how to measure them.
  • Influencer Marketing is Still a Thing: Unconventional Ways to get your Users. Zorka.Agency influencer marketing project lead Sergey Ivanov will talk about unconventional influencer marketing campaigns that result in a decrease of CPI and an increase in the number of installs.

More speakers and topics will be announced soon. Registration for the online-only participants is open here. If you want to get a hybrid experience, you can register here.

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