Activision Blizzard wants remasters to use all leverages of 3D engines while also maintain the feel of the original games. That’s why the company decided to file a patent for technology that could map 2D assets into 3D in real-time.

Diablo II: Resurrected

The patent was filed to the US Patent & Trademark Office on May 6. The document “Systems and Methods for Remastering a Game Space While Maintaining the Underlying Game Simulation” was also spotted by GameRant.

Activision highlights two main techniques for remastering old “pseudo-3D isometric games:”

  • “Up-res,” which means recreating 2D assets and bringing them up to modern standards. Although this method improves the overall visual quality, the game remains in 2D and can’t use all leverages of 3D engines.
  • Recreating a 2D game from scratch using a 3D engine. Remasters using this method often fail to maintain the identical feel and gameplay of the original game. It’s also extremely costly and time-intensive.

That’s why Activision wants to create technology that would allow remapping original 2D assets into 3D while keeping the original gameplay and backward compatibility.

According to the document, “dynamic player remap in 3D is generated in real-time while the player engages with the 2D game.” The new 3D environment will be created at the backend using special graphic tools that would convert old models into upgraded ones within the game.

Activision Blizzard will release Diablo II: Resurrected this year, so the company could have thought of creating a new technology while working on the original game’s remaster. However, it’s not guaranteed whether this patent will be brought to life.

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