Valve announced that Steam now supports UTM traffic tracking. It allows developers and publishers to finally see how many people bought a game or added it to their wishlists during a specific marketing campaign.

The new service is now in an open beta test. Starting from April 7, developers will be able to see the number of tracked visits (people who logged into Steam in the browser where they opened the UTM link) to their games’ pages and visits counts for each unique combination of UTMs.

Steamworks will also allow developers to see how many visitors bought a game, added it to their wishlists, or activated a copy. All the data can be filtered and downloaded as a CSV file. The only issue is that you can’t track IAPs now.

Valve points out that UTM analytics don’t track personal information, including Steam IDs. “This has been a priority in all aspects of building the UTM Analytics feature, from determining what data is required, how long it should be retained, and who should have access to it,” the company said about protecting users’ data.

Any developer with the “View Marketing Traffic Data” permissions can get access to the dashboard. You can read the full documentation on how UTM analytics works here.

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