Project Makeover is a match-3 mobile game that continues to climb to the top. The title’s revenue for January exceeded $20 million which helped it surpass a few projects from Playrix and King.


The total revenue of Project Makeover amounted to $61.1 million since its release in November. Now the game’s rapid growth continues, according to AppMagic.

January was the title’s most successful month so far with $34.4 million in revenue. U.S. users generated more than a half of the whole sum, helping Project Makeover top hits like Gardenscapes and Candy Crush Soda Saga.

While the U.S. numbers were huge, they were still far from earnings of Playrix and King’s other titles like Homescapes and Candy Crush Saga.


For now, Project Makeover can’t compete with Playrix and King in terms of global revenue. However, its metagame design, where players spend in-game currency on character’s customization and not on doing quests, may help it stand out among its competitors in the future.


Project Makeover was developed by Magic Tavern, a studio known for its match-3 puzzle Matchington Mansion (its total revenue equals $433 million). It’s also worth noting that the marketing platform AppLovin invested in the studio and currently owns rights to the game.