NoClip has released a 20-minute documentary on the making of Alien: Isolation. The developers told how they were inspired by the original film by Ridley Scott and made the first prototype in secret from SEGA.

aliens-noclipThe NoClip team spoke with Creative Assembly about how they managed to bring a horror game in the Alien universe to life.

  • SEGA didn’t know about the development of the Alien: Isolation prototype until the studio pitched the gameplay video to them. It was this first demo set in a spaceship lab that convinced the publisher to greenlight the project;
  • Creative Assembly was inspired by the 1979 movie Alien as opposed to its sequel which would have probably translated into a shooter game. The studio wanted to make a survival horror title, and they wanted to make the xenomorph one of the scariest adversaries in the video game history;
  • the game originally had third-person camera. In the video, the developers tell how the change of perspective eventually made the game more immersive and moody.