Facebook told the European Commission that Apple enforces policies that privilege its own services and revenue streams to the detriment of others across its ecosystem.

Apple’s App Store, Facebook argues, is the only way for way for developers to reach Apple users. According to the social media giant, Apple uses it to impose”unfair contractual terms and unfair practices” with respect to the App Store and on iOS in general.

One example of such unfair practices is the way Apple only allowed the Facebook Gaming app on iOS after making Facebook remove playable games from the app. On Andoid devices, on the other hand, users can play games from within Facebook Gaming. “Thus, consumers on iOS have a sub-optimal experience compared to those using Android,” the filing reads. “This reduces the appeal of the app on iOS devices. Developers that take advantage of Facebook Gaming as a mobile gaming platform also lose significant opportunity to engage with and attract new users on iOS because people cannot play their games.” Furthermore, since Apple does not allow any cloud gaming services on its iOS, “it will reduce the incentive of developers to create new games that take advantage of the benefits of cloud gaming.” All so that the App Store remains the only way for devs to distribute games, thus ensuring that Apple keeps getting its 30% from the most lucrative category of mobile apps.

Additionally, Facebook criticizes the way Apple is restricting developers’ access to user data thus undermining their ability to deliver relevant advertising. This, according to Facebook, advances Apple’s own business interests as it is “pushing developers toward in-app payments, of which platforms often claim a significant portion.”