Russia’s Pathologic 2 developer Ice-Pick Lodge announced it’s currently working on four projects.


Franz (iOS/Android). Release date: TBD

The biggest one in production is Pathologic 2: “Bachelor’s scenario.” The studio intends to make the new title’s gameplay different from the one in the series’ previous Haruspex installment. According the blog post, players “will see the game in the foreseeable future.” This is despite the fact that studio head Nikolai Dybovski is still working on the script.

Other titles in development are small games developed by individual Ice-Pick Lodge employees. All of these are products of strong creative vision of their makers. Hence, the studio positions them as “auteur games.”

Know by heart (First on PC/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. Later on iPhone/Android). A nostalgic project led by Ayrat Zakirov, the CTO of Ice-Pick Lodge, will see childhood friends reunite after spending a long time apart, revisiting old memories and rekindling their friendship. “Something beyond their control” will ruin this reunion.

Neuro Skazka (iOS/Android). This mobile game is a new take on the classical “evolution” genre through the prism of bio horror. “The game deals with the evolution of a universe grown below the cranial vault of a god which falls asleep.”

Franz (iOS/Android). This title developed by Dybovski himself is apparently designed to test the game mechanics that can later appear in Pathologic 2: “Bachelor’s scenario.” The game will challenge the player’s perception of control that they think they have over the game.

The studio hasn’t named release dates for any of these games. However, the developers promise to post more information throughout 2020.