The next creation by Sid Meier will not be a game, but a book. A book of memoirs. It’s aptly titled Sid Meier’s Memoir! and it’s due out on September 8.

The book will recount how Meier co-founded MicroProse, the studio that announced three new titles this week. The memoir will also detail the development of classics like Sid Meier’s Civilization, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Sid Meier’s Railway Tycoon and Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Rather than being a straightforward biography, Sid Meier’s Memoir! will delve into the history of the industry, the psychology of gamers, as well as the fundamentals of good game design. All revolving around Meier’s cental idea that a videogame should be “a series of interesting decisions.”

Sid Meier’s Memoir! is available for pre-order on the book’s official website.