Crytek has officially confirmed Crysis Remastered and shared some details.

The developer promises lots of upgrades for their revamped hit including high-quality textures and improved art assets, an HD texture pack, temporal anti-aliasing, SSDO, SVOGI, state-of-the-art depth fields, new light settings, motion blur, parallax occlusion mapping, particle effects, volumetric fog and shafts of light, software-based ray tracing, and screen space reflections. We are yet to see which of those will be implemented in the Switch version.

Crytek is only remastering the single-player campaign of the original.

Co-developing the game is Saber Interactive, the studio behind World War Z, which is also known for its work on Nintendo Switch ports — yes, that includes The Witcher 3 port.

Crysis Remastered is due out in summer. It will be available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and for Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, James Cooper, game designer and level designer who worked at Naughty Dog, said the original Crysis inspired his approach to level design in Uncharted 4.