Call of Duty Mobile’s revenue neared $87 million in its first two months, even if the second month saw a considerable dip in user spend.

Over that time, the game generated 172 million installs, with 100 million happening during the first week. That, by the way, was the best launch of any mobile game ever.

CoD Mobile

Sensor Tower breaks down the title’s revenue into $55 million in its launch month and $31 million in November.

The US is the game’s biggest market, with 42% ($36 million) of its revenue coming from there.

Japan is the second largest, accounting for 13.2% ($11 million), and the UK ranks third, with Brits having spent 3% ($2.6 million) on the game.

While November was not on par with the launch month in terms of revenue, Call of Duty Mobile hasn’t once left top 25 grossing titles in its biggest markets. Folks at Sensor Tower believe that batches of the new content will stimulate further spending.

Users of Apple devices have by far surpassed their fellow gamers that prefer Android. iOS generated over $51 million or 59.2% of the title’s lifetime revenue.

Google Play, on the other hand, only accounted for the remaining 40.7%. However, it brought in 89 million downloads, which is more than 50% of the game’s audience.

US is responsible for 28.5 million installs (16.6% of the total audience). India came in second with 17.5 million (10.2%), Brazil brought in the third biggest number of downloads, 12 million (7%).

The analyst firm’s verdict is that “Call of Duty: Mobile continues to represent one of the most successful examples of translating a major console and PC property to mobile.”