Playrix will earn over a billion dollars on mobile in 2019. And that’s just from in-app purchases.

The assessment was made by Apptica, an analyst company, which shared it on its blog. It also notes that 2019 on the whole was successful both for the company that launched two games (Wildscapes and Manor Matters), and for its founders, the Bukhman brothers, who made it to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index this spring, a daily ranking of the 500 richest people in the world .

We may add that 2019 was very productive for Playrix in terms of deals and acquisitions. This summer, the publisher invested in Vizor Games (Belarus). A few months later announced the acquisition of Zagrava Games (Ukraine). At around the same time, it launched Zefir Games (Russia).

Most of Playrix’s revenue now comes from four titles: Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Township, and Fishdom. Each of them generates over ten million dollars a month. However, according to Sensor Tower, only two of them are currently billionaires – Gardenscapes (total revenue of $1.4 billion) and Homescapes (total revenue of $1 billion).


The two latest projects – Wildscapes and Manor Matters – are whole other stories. Manor Matters is in soft launch right now. As for Wildscapes, Playrix is taking its time expanding its audience. According to DataMagic, it’s clear that the publisher now rarely buys large amounts of traffic. However, every time it does, the revenue of the game reaches a higher plateau.