Want your game to sell well on Steam? Just use the store’s features! That’s what the makers of The End Is Nigh did. Once they added Steam Workshop, the sales jumped 1000%.

The End Is Nigh

The announcement came from Tyler Glaiel, one of the two creators of the game. He also specifically said the sales increased after the special offer was over on Steam. So this is people buying the game for its full price.

What Steam Workshop does to your game is adds modding support. In other words, The End Is Nigh community now have the opportunity to develop their own content for the game. There are currently 17 mods for the title.

The End Is Nigh is a gloomy hardcore platformer about the adventures of a creature named Ash. The game came out in 2017 to the warm reception from critics and players alike. Its full price is $8.99.