Sony published its Q2 (July-Sept) fiscal year 2019 report. Here’s how the company did in Game & Network Services segment.

The Sony Corp. logo is displayed outside the company's showroom in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013. Sony is set to report second-quarter earnings on Oct. 31. Photographer: Akio Kon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

  • Sony gaming division generated $4,23 billion in revenue, which is 21.4% of the corporation’s total sales/revenue ($19.76 billion)
  • Digital sales accounted for 50% of all gaming revenue. Network services (PS+, PS Now) generated 17%. Physical software sales only brought in 6%.
  • Generally, gaming revenue decreased 17.4% year on year, but the number of PS Plus subscriptions has grown to 36.9 million (up from 34.3m in Q2 FY2018)
  • PlayStation Now reached one million subscribers against 700 thousand in May.
  • PS4 sold 102.8 million units (2.8 million sold in this quarter alone). That’s slightly more than PS1 sold over 11 years (102.49 million) and significantly more than PS3 sold (87.4 million). PS4 lifetime sales are only second to those of PS2, which leads at 155 units sold.
  • PS4 is unlikely to beat PS2’s result. Sony has updated its hardware sales forecast for the current fiscal year. Now the company plans to sell 13.5 million consoles this year vs 16 million projected back in April. The new forecast takes into account the imminent arrival of the next gen consoles, which is affecting the hardware sales. PS4 will likely total at around 120 units sold.
  • The company has also updated their gaming revenue forecast for FY 2019. Sony plans for its gaming division to generate $18.52B by March 2020. That’s down from $20.37B in their July 2019 forecast. The sales revision has to do with The Last of Us 2 being moved to the next fiscal year.

The report can be found here, with supplemental information available here. And here is the detailed analysis of Sony gaming division’s consolidated results