Epic Games has started deploying its own Android store. The company changed the name of the Fortnite installer on Android.

The installer of the popular game, downloaded as a third-party APK file, is no longer called Fortnite. Now it’s Epic Games, as the company announced yesterday, October 24.

That said, the app has not changed beyond sporting a new icon. You can still download one game only to your Android device. And that is Fortnite.

As you remember, the game never came out on Google Play. Here’s what Head of Epic Games Tim Sweeney said on the matter:

  • the company wants to work without intermediaries if possible;
  • Google Play’s share of games’ revenues is too high;
  • Google Play is serving up ads that promote competing games.

As a result, in August 2018, Epic Games released an APK for Android, which is downloaded from the Internet bypassing Google Play. Once unpacked, it allows you to download Fortnite to your mobile device.

We don’t know how many installs Fortnite has on Android or how much the company is earning from the Android version. However, according to official data from Epic Games, over the 21 days since the Android release, the game generated 15 million downloads.

The publisher announced plans to launch the Epic Games Store on Android back in December 2018, when the store debuted on PC and Mac. The Epic Games Store on Android will allow developers to keep 88% of revenue vs the usual 70% as per the revenue split on the App Store and Google Play.