Platformer Cuphead turns two years old today. Over this time, it has sold 5 million copies.

As developer Studio MDHR announced in their Twitter account: “It has officially gone five-times platinum!” To celebrate this milestone and the game’s anniversary, the studio is now offering a 20% discount across all platforms.

Initially, the game was only released on PC and Xbox One as a Microsoft exclusive. Over the next two years, the game was brought to Nintendo Switch, Mac, and even Tesla cars, according to

5 million copies sold is an excellent result for a platformer based on the original IP. For example, Cuphead’s fellow platformer, Shovel Knight, sold 2.5 million copies over the course of five years (and it was released on 12 platforms). Another famous representative of the genre, Celeste, sold 500 thousand copies over a year on PC and all current consoles.

Cuphead is famous for its visual style. Its creators drew inspiration from the animated films of the 1930s, including Disney animated shorts. Speaking of which, former Disney artist Tom Bancroft joined the studio this summer. He is working on a DLC for Cuphead, which will come out in 2020.