Women take the lead among mobile gamers in the Japanese market. This is according to the report by China’s Gamma Data based on the stats from Newzoo.


In Japan, the average time spent playing mobile games does not exceed 6 hours per week.

Among mobile gamers in Japan, men outnumber women. But women spend more time playing.

  • 54% of female gamers play mobile games at least five days a week, or even every day;
  • 44% of male gamers do the same.

In addition, women expressly gravitate towards mobile over PC and consoles.

  • 55% of female gamers prioritize mobile;
  • 45% of men are also mobile-first gamers.

Among mobile game enthusiasts in Japan, 21-35 year-olds dominate across both genders.

Japan is the third largest gaming market in the world. This is including mobile, consoles, and PC. According to Newzoo, Japan’s gaming market this year will reach $19 billion.