Redhill Games founded in 2018 by Remedy and Wargaming alumni has secured $11.4m in investment for its first project.


According to Crunchbase, three investors have funded the unannounced title: Makers Fund, Play Ventures, and Kowloon Nights. The exact shares have not been disclosed.

The new studio is yet to reveal what their project will be. However, everything points toward a free-to-play PC game. As Redhill Games execs told MCV, the company will focus on underserved markets and free-to-play tactical shooters.

Among the studio’s core values, Redhill Games CEO Matias Myllyrinne (formerly CEO at Remedy) cited “the principles of cooperative and social play, fair monetization models and data-driven development.”

The investors believe the new studio will be able to successfully implement the free-to-play business model across traditional gaming genres.

Redhill Games is based in Helsinki and employs talent from Finland, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Belarus and Russia. The core leadership team made up of Remedy and Wargaming alumni is joined by developers from Guerrilla Games, Starbreeze, Next Games, and other studios.