Tencent’s PUBG Mobile brought in $146m in May, according to Financial Times. This result makes it the world’s top-grossing mobile game.


The game’s sales on App Store and Google Play generated $76m in revenue. Another $70m came from the game’s Chinese rebranded version called Game For Peace.

Tencent’s hit has 100m monthly players internationally. However, in China itself, the publisher was unable to secure the license to monetize the mobile version of PUBG. Tencent shut down the international version in China and relaunched the game under the new brand of Game for Peace. The new title dialed down the violence of the original, but managed to retain most of 160m PUBG Mobile monthly users in China.

Last year, the Chinese government suspended granting sales approvals for games. The launch of the China-only rebranded version helped Tencent improve its core business.

The combined revenue of PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace tops $125 million generated in May by Tencent’s previous hit Honor of Kings.