WN Conference Istanbul’24 took place in Turkey earlier this month. It brought together games industry professionals from companies such as Gram Games, Ubisoft Abu Dhabi, Google, Space Ape Games, Unity, and more.

According to data gathered by the event’s organizers, WN Conference Istanbul’24 was attended by 455 companies (more in the full report). Developers and publishers accounted for 64% of the total, followed by service providers (41%) and investors (9%).

WN Conference Istanbul’24 attendees by company type (each could choose several options)

1,009 people attended the conference on sight. 57% of them were C-level executives, followed by business development & sales managers (22%) and game developers (13%).

WN Conference Istanbul’24 attendees by job type

113 games were submitted to the developer showcase. As with the previous events held by WN Media Group, Unity remained the most popular game engine, accounting for 83% of the total. The top 5 also include Unreal Engine 4, Cocos2d, GameMaker Studio, and (surprisingly) Adobe AIR.

A large expo zone was traditionally an integral part of the conference. Among its sponsors and main participants were Yandex Games, Moloco, Adikteev, Xsolla , JustMoby, GEM Capital, BIGO Ads, TikTok, Discus Holdings Private Clients, Gamelight, Adjust, Poolday.ai, and other companies.

Some pictures from WN Conference Istanbul’24 can be seen below.

The next conference organized by WN Media Group will take place in Cyprus on September 12-13. More information can be found on the event’s official website.

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