Wuthering Waves is on track to reach 1 billion yuan in revenue globally, according to estimates from Chinese media. Despite some criticism and comparisons to Genshin Impact, the gacha title has already become a huge hit for developer Kuro Games.

Report: Wuthering Waves already generated over $110 million on mobile and PC

The report comes from Chinese outlet GameLook, which estimated Wuthering Waves’ life-to-date revenue at over 800 million yuan ($110.2 million). The publication believes that the game has a chance to surpass 1 billion yuan ($137.8 million) in global spending by the end of its first month if maintains its momentum.

The estimates include revenue across both PC and mobile. As we previously reported, Wuthering Waves generated almost $10 million on iOS and Google Play in its first five days and approached the $40 million mark last week.

AppMagic data shows that China currently accounts for nearly 24% of the game’s global mobile revenue of $43.6 million. It is worth noting that the total is likely higher because Google Play is not available in the country and we don’t have data on third-party Android stores.’

Wuthering Waves’ top 10 countries by mobile revenue (via AppMagic)

Given this data and the fact that Wuthering Waves is also available on PC, where we can’t track player spending, GameLook’s estimates may be quite accurate.

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