Resident Evil Village has reached a new impressive milestone three years after its launch in 2021. The game has now sold over 10 million units globally.

Capcom shared the news on June 11, saying that Resident Evil Village became the fastest game in the series to cross the 10 million mark. This includes sales across all platforms, but it is unclear how copies are split between PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and iOS.

“Even now, three years after its release, the title continues to gain new users, selling approximately 2 million units each year,” Capcom noted.

Released in May 2021, Resident Evil Village received positive reviews from both players and critics. It is a direct sequel to RE7 Biohazard, which in 2017 rebooted the main series by introducing a first-person camera. The game shipped over 3 million units in its first four days, reaching 6.1 million copies sold by May 2022.

According to Capcom’s list of platinum titles, Resident Evil Village is the 6th best-selling game in the franchise*:

*Note: figures for RE 4, 5, and 6 are combined sales of original games and re-releases/versions for various platforms.

  • Resident Evil 5 — 14.6 million copies (original version for PS3/Xbox 360 sold 9.1 million units);
  • Resident Evil 2 (remake) — 13.9 million copies;
  • Resident Evil 7 — 13.3 million copies;
  • Resident Evil 4 (original) — 13.2 million copies (2005 versions for GameCube and PlayStation 2 sold 1.6 million and 2.3 million units, respectively);
  • Resident Evil 6 — 13.1 million copies (original version for PS3/Xbox 360 sold 9.1 million units);
  • Resident Evil Village — 10+ million copies.

Other best-selling titles in the series include remakes of RE3 (8.7 million) and RE4 (7 million). As of March 31, 2024, the entire Resident Evil franchise has sold over 157 million units globally.

It is Capcom’s most successful IP, followed by Monster Hunter (100 million copies), Street Fighter (54 million copies), Mega Man (41 million copies), and Devil May Cry (31 million copies).

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