Squad Busters, one of several games currently in development at Supercell, is now publicly available in eight countries, including Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Finland. Judging by its metrics, the game is up to a promising global launch.

Squad Busters hits 5 million downloads faster than any other Supercell game, as its global launch approaches

According to Sensor Tower, Squad Busters surpassed 5 million downloads in just 18 days since its soft launch on April 23. The company, however, didn’t specify how installs are split between iOS and Android.

Looking at AppMagic data, Mexico currently accounts for 45% of all downloads, followed by Spain (30%) and Canada (11%).

Sensor Tower also noted that Squad Busters is now Supercell’s fastest title to reach 5 million installs globally. For comparison, Clash Royale reached a similar milestone in 59 days, followed Boom Beach (145 days), Clash of Clans (149 days), and Hay Day (183 days).

Squad Busters is a multiplayer squad-based MOBA, but its core mechanics are simplified and much more casual compared to other popular titles in the competitive genre. It also features characters from various Supercell franchises, which could probably increase its appeal to the company’s core audience.

Earlier this week, the Finnish developer announced that Squad Busters has already reached 30 million pre-registrations on iOS and Android. Supercell expects the game to cross the 40 million mark before its global launch, scheduled for May 29.

Although Squad Busters’ soft launch metrics look promising, they don’t guarantee the game a bright future. Supercell is known for killing projects at various stages, having shut down dozens of titles throughout its history.

The company still only has five live games: Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars. The lack of new titles even made Supercell change its approach to forming dev teams and operating games. As CEO Ilkka Paananen explained, “each new game team gets an agreed-upon budget. If they run out of money, before proving the game with players, the game is dead.”

So we’ll see whether Squad Busters lives up to Supercell’s expectations and adds to the company’s evergreen portfolio.

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