Atari has suddenly launched a new publishing label under the revived Infogrames brand. And it has already announced its game acquisition.

Infogrames rises from ashes as Atari plans to acquire third-party IPs outside of its core brand

According to Atari CEO Wade Rosen, Infogrames “built a reputation as a publisher and developer of amazing and eclectic games, and we are excited to bring it back.”

The new old publishing label will focus on acquiring third-party franchises and publish games “that fall outside the core portfolio of IP associated with the Atari brand.”

Infogrames has already made its first acquisition by purchasing party game Totally Reliable Delivery Service from tinyBuild. It is worth noting that last year, Atari bought a 7.5% stake in the Hello Neighbor maker for $2 million.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is available on Steam, where it has an 82% rating based on over 1,000 reviews, as well as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. According to AppMagic, it has reached over $1.1 million in lifetime IAP revenue and generated over 35.4 million downloads on iOS and Android.

“With Totally Reliable Delivery Service, Infogrames is starting off with a strong IP that has a loyal and enthusiastic player base,” the publisher’s manager Geoffroy Châteauvieux said.

Atari also noted that Infogrames’ portfolio may also include some of the legacy titles it published in the past, with game preservation being one of the revived brand’s core goals.

Infogrames was a French publisher founded in 1983. Its first global success was Alone in the Dark, which is often considered a pioneer of the survival horror genre. In the late 90s, the company went on an acquisition spree, purchasing various game developers and publishers around the world, including Ocean Software, Gremlin Interactive, and GT Interactive.

In January 2001, Infogrames obtained rights to the Atari brand after acquiring Hasbro Interactive for $100 million. Two years later, it became a holding company and rebranded its subsidiaries under the Atari label.

Over the years, Infogrames has published tons of games throughout its many subsidiaries, including Demolition Racer, Hogs of War, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Driver, Unreal Tournament, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, and Fahrenheit.

In the mid-2000s, the company faced financial struggles and rebranded to Atari SA before filing for bankruptcy in 2013. This led to years of corporate reshuffling, with Atari eventually revived in current form with Wade Rosen as its CEO.

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