Steam Deck has been a huge success for Valve. And the new statement from the company indicates that its portable PC continues to sell well.

Steam Deck sales reached "multiple millions", according to Valve

As Valve designers Lawrence Yang and Pierre-Loup Griffais told The Verge, sales of Steam Deck have already reached “multiple millions.” However, they didn’t disclose the exact figures.

The last time we had some sort of offical data was in October 2022, when David Edmundson from KDE, an open source community that created the desktop user interface used in SteamOS, revealed that Valve had shipped over 1 million units of its device.

Given the new information from Valve, it is safe to say that Steam Deck has sold a couple more million units since then.

This is also in line with guesstimates made by GameDiscoverCo’s Simon Carless, who recently said there are likely “between 3 and 4 million Steam Deck owners ‘in the wild’ right now.” According to a report from research firm Omdia, the handheld PC “will surpass 3 million units sold during 2023.”

Valve released Steam Deck in February 2022, and the device has been ranking high on Steam’s list of highest-grossing products. Its popularity led to other companies introducing their own portable PCs, including Asus, Razer, and Lenovo.

On November 9, Valve announced Steam Deck OLED with a larger screen, faster RAM and processor, as well as longer battery life. It will become available on November 6 at $569 (512GB) and $679 (1TB). The company also lowered the price of the 256GB version of Steam Deck to $399, saying that older 64GB and 512GB models will eventually go off sale.

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