Marvel Snap, led by former Hearthstone game director Ben Brode, has been a huge success for developer Second Dinner and publisher Nuverse. Let’s take a look at its revenue and other metrics, as the game celebrates its first anniversary.

  • According to AppMagic, Marvel Snap has reached $116.7 million in revenue from in-app purchases (reduced by platform fees and inclusive taxes) since October 18, 2022.
  • The US is the number one country by IAP revenue, with $71 million (60.8% of the total). It is followed by the UK (4.1%), Canada (3.6%), South Korea (3.5%), Italy (3.1%), and Japan (2.7%).
  • 57% of Marvel Snap’s lifetime revenue came from iOS users, while Google Play accounts for the remaining 43%.
  • As we previously reported in August, when the game crossed the $100 million mark, December 2022 was its peak month by revenue, with $13.8 million. In 2023, Marvel Snap generates $8-9 million per month on average.

  • AppMagic estimates that Marvel Snap has over 23.7 million downloads, led by the US with 55.4 million installs (23.4% of the total).
  • The top 5 countries by downloads also include Brazil (11%), Indonesia (7.4%), Italy (4.7%), and the UK (4.5%).
  • Most downloads, over 69%, were generated on Google Play, while iOS accounts for around 31%.
  • October 2022 was the game’s peak month by downloads, with 7.8 million. Right now, it is generating around 900k installs per month.

  • Marvel Snap reached $88 million in mobile revenue year-to-date, becoming the highest-grossing collectible card game globally. It is followed by Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel ($39.6 million), Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links ($25.9 million), Magic: The Gathering Arena ($24.1 million), and Hearthstone ($22.6 million).
  • Second Dinner’s title also leads the category in downloads, with 10.4 million installs generated in 2023 so far. The top 5 games also include Top Drives (5.7 million), Harry Potter: Magic Awakened (4.5 million for the global version and 3.7 million for the Chinese one), Plants vs. Zombies Heroes (3.38 million), and Pokémon TCG Live (3.31 million).

Top 10 collectible card games of 2023 by downloads and revenue (via AppMagic)

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