Final Fantasy XVI was one of the most played games on PlayStation 5 in June. Here is some fresh data from Ampere Analysis that proves the title’s commercial success.

Final Fantasy XVI was 6th biggest PS5 game by MAU in June, with US and Japan as top two countries by player count

According to Ampere Games, FFXVI “actually performed robustly in its launch month; both in Japan and further afield.”

  • In June, Final Fantasy XVI was the sixth biggest game on PlayStation 5 by monthly active users globally — around 13% of PS5 users played the game.
  • The US and Japan were the top two countries, accounting for a third and a quarter of all players respectively. They are followed by the UK (7%), Germany (5%), Canada (4%), and South Korea (3%).
  • Final Fantasy XVI was also the second biggest PS5 title by daily active users globally during its first three days of launch. It ranked above Fortnite and Call of Duty, but below FIFA 23.
  • FFXVI also attracted twice as many daily players as Apex Legends, the next most popular PS5 game in June, and was “far and away the most-played game for that time period.”

Final Fantasy XVI had a successful launch, selling over 3 million copies in its first six days of launch. While this is less than the 3.5 million units of Final Fantasy VII Remake sold in just three days, the PlayStation 4 had a much higher player base at the time (over 110 million consoles) than the PlayStation 5 currently has (its sales recently topped 40 million).

That’s why Square Enix called the launch sales of Final Fantasy XVI “extremely strong.”

“Taking into consideration the sales figures of the acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the difference in size of the install base of the PlayStation 4 at the time of this title’s release, we can see that the attach rate of Final Fantasy 16 is considerably high, given the PS5 install base,” Square Enix told IGN last month.

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