WN Media Group has launched WN Game Finder, a new game searching and business matchmaking service. Its main goal is to help publishers and investors filter titles and make it easier for game developers to find funding for their projects.

WN Game Finder is a new game searching and matchmaking service for publishers and investors

WN Game Finder is branded as a “solution for finding business partners with a montly updated catalog of hand-picked games.” The latter is the core feature of the new service, so let’s see how it works.

If you are a publisher or an investor:

  • After purchasing a subscription, you get access to two game catalogs (both are curated, so all garbage projects are filtered out, but one of the lists highlights the most promising titles, according to the WN Game Finder team);
  • You can search for the games you are most interested in either by simply scrolling through all the titles available on the database or by filtering them by genre, engine, platform, or monetization type;
  • When finding a game that meets your criteria, you can immediately contact its developer (either via WN Game Finder’s internal chat or via ‌the contact information that the developer has in their profile).

A sneak peek at WN Game Finder’s catalog; each game also has its own dedicated page with trailers, screenshots, description, and other data, as well as ways to contact ‌developers

If you are a game developer:

  • You should first submit your game to the curators of the service for review (devs can’t add their projects to the catalog by themselves);
  • Curators filter out weak projects, including those that, for example, are 100% built on third-party assets — so when the game is accepted, the developer gets an opportunity to create a game page for the catalog;
  • As a developer, you cannot directly send messages to ‌publishers or other devs on the platform;
  • But when designing your page, you can choose what you need most for your game right now (e.g. publisher, marketing, press, etc.).

WN Game Finder’s catalog currently includes over 200 games, most of which are developed for PC. According to the service’s creators, up to 100 new titles will be added to the library every month.

Developers can submit their games using this link.

The service is built on the WN Hub platform, where WN Media Group regularly hosts digital versions of its business events. It is also a communication and meeting system for offline events, with a number of additional solutions for games industry professionals.

More information about WN Game Finder and its main features can be found on the service’s offical page.

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