Triumph Studios and Paradox Interactive have just released Age of Wonders 4, a new installment in its series of turn-based strategies. Let’s look at the launch numbers and how they compare to other titles in the companies’ portfolio.

Age of Wonders peaks at 38,000 concurrent players on Steam

Launched on May 2, Age of Wonders 4 received positive reviews from critics, with an average score of 83/100 on Metacritic. Players also seem to be enjoying the game, as it currently has a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam (79% of 1,321 reviews are positive).

According to SteamDB, Age of Wonders 4 peaked at 38,298 concurrent users (CCU). This is the best launch in the history of Triumph Studios on Valve’s platform, above Age of Wonders III (19.4k peal CCU), Age of Wonders: Planetfall (10.4k peak CCU), and Overlord (2.3k peak CCU).

The good start also ranks Age of Wonders 4 as the 10th game by peak concurrent players in publisher Paradox Interactive’s catalog. Crusaders Kings II remains in first place with 141.4k peak CCU, followed by Crusaders Kings III (98.8k) and Hearts of Iron IV (70.9k).

Age of Wonders 4, available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, is the sixth installment in the AoW series that dates back to 1999. It was created by Dutch developer Triumph Studios, also known for action RPG with strategy elements Overlord.

In 2017, the studio was acquired by Paradox Interactive for $4.5 million. It is now one of the six subsidiaries of the Swedish publisher, which also owns developers like Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun), Iceflake Studios (Surviving the Aftermath), and Playrion Game Studio (Ariport Simulator).

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