Paradox Arc is a new publishing initiative by Paradox Interactive, which is focused on unique titles from small teams. The publisher has already presented the first game under the label, deckbuilding roguelite Across the Obelisk.

Across the Obelisk

Best known for its grand strategy games, the Swedish company is now trying to diversify its publishing portfolio.

According to the official announcement, Paradox Arc will take the publishing expertise of Paradox Interactive and apply it to smaller games with unique designs and high replayability. The label will also try to help these titles reach a wider audience.

“Our goal with Paradox Arc is to surprise players with games they might not have known they needed to play,” Paradox Arc head Sebastian Forsström said. “We’re publishing the kind of games that suddenly appear atop your ‘Most Played’ list.”

Across the Obelisk is the first title published by Paradox Arc. Developed by Dreamsite Games, it combines elements of deckbuilding roguelites and RPGs, supporting co-op of up to four players. After spending a year in Early Access, the game officially came out on August 16 and currently has 94% positive reviews on Steam.

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