Electronic Arts has introduced a new patent aimed at creating more personalized in-game content. The system will be able to potentially analyze player behavior and offer them unique challenges and recommendations.

As spotted by Exputer, EA published a patent titled “Persona Driven Dynamic Content Framework” earlier this month.

According to the description, this system will determine a player’s persona based on their gameplay information and then perform “dynamic content generation or additional product recommendations based on the player persona.”

This means that EA’s framework can potentially analyze how much time players spend in combat, how much of a map they explore, how fast they progress through the story, or even whether they prefer easier or harder challenges.

The company wants to divide users into several categories based on their behavior: competitors, explorers, completionists, etc.

One of the block diagrams in the description shows that EA might recommend other games to players, which match their playstyle and behavior. The framework also should allow the company to generate certain in-game items and loot boxes, which contain content for different users.

Last year, EA made five game accessibility patents available to all developers. This should help other studios implement these technologies in their games to make them more inclusive and comfortable to play for different audiences.

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