The talks about a Ubisoft buyout continue. A new report claims that the company’s stockholders will wait until its share price increases to accept a potential deal.

  • Ubisoft shareholders want to see the price reach a minimum of €60-70 per share before the deal would be accepted, according to Dealreporter (via Seeking Alpha).
  • €100 is named as a better price, considering the company’s long-term prospects.
  • As of now, Ubisoft is reportedly listening to pitches, while interest parties are looking at numbers to “see the feasibility of making an offer.”
  • At the time of writing this article, the company’s shares are trading at €48.2 per share. The last time Ubisoft stock price was over €60 was July 7, 2021, when it reached €61.48 per share.

Last month, Bloomberg said that several private equity firms were studying the company as a target for a potential acquisition. This resulted in a slight increase in the share price.

The news was followed by a Dealreporter report, saying that the Guillemot family, which currently owns a 15.9% stake at Ubisoft, wants to acquire the rest of the shares to prevent the potential takeover.

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