Hyper-casual games remain one of the most installed mobile titles globally. In 2021, they accounted for 36% of the top 100 titles by downloads, according to the latest report by Newzoo.

Key takeaways

  • Supersonic was the number one publisher by downloads, followed by Zynga’s Rollic Games, Azur Games, Crazy Labs, and SayGames.
  • The genre is very fast-moving, as only 8 of 36 most downloaded games were presented in 2020’s ranking.
  • Hyper-casual gamers are younger than the average mobile players, with an average age between 27 and 29.4 years old.
  • The majority of hyper-casual gamers across the UK, US, South Korea, and Japan, are male.

  • In the US, hyper-casual players are also interested in battle royale, puzzle, and sports genres.
  • Asian gamers across Japan and South Korea are interested in mobile RPGs, as well as arcade, strategy, and simulation titles.
  • Hyper-casual games have a much lower CPI compared to other genres, which also raises competition among developers in the genre.
  • Average D7 retention for hyper-casual games is below 10%, which is much lower compared to the average D7 retention for mobile titles of around 20%.

The full report can be found here.

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