Wolfire Games has made Overgrowth an open source project. What it means is that everyone who owns the game will be able to access its code and freely work with it for any purpose.

The studio made an announcement on April 22, with a video explaining what these changes mean for the community.

“[Overgrowth] is our longest running project by far, and releasing it as an open source game is something that we have all been very excited to do for quite some time,” Wolfire lead programmer Max Danielsson said. “Seeing what our community has been able to create in the game up to this point has been incredible. And with the source code now available for everyone, we can’t wait to see what this new era of community content will bring.”

It is worth noting that Wolfire won’t release the game’s assets like textures, models, and audio for free. However, anyone who bought Overgrowth will gain full access to its source code, including the engine, project files, and scripts.

The team created a repository for the game’s source code on GitHub, releasing it under the Apache 2.0 license. Users will be able to compile it, access all the data, and even create their own commercial projects based on the project’s source code.

Overgrowth is a martial arts action game about anthropomorphic animals, which came out in 2017 after being in development for nine years.

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